Discover the Healdsburg Museum

Discover the Healdsburg Museum

Have you ever wondered what Northern California was like 75,100, or even 150 years ago? The area has changed and grown so much over the years that it is hard to look back and imagine what it once was. The Healdsburg Museum is dedicated to reminding and educating people what the area was like and how it evolved into what it is today.
The museum features fascinating and fun exhibits that display artifacts from the Pomo and Wappo Indians who inhabited the area long ago. There are interesting exhibits dealing with the lumber and mining industries, and town life in the area from the mid- to late-1800s to the early 1900s.

Their current exhibition, A SENSE OF PLACE is on display through January 24 – May 5.
See the extensive collection of Contemporary and Historical Art.

Transitions, by Dan Hawley, 2018


Upcoming Exhibits:

A Sense of Place
Contemporary and Historical Scenic Art
Jan 24 – May 5, 2019

Wine Roots of Healdsburg
Local Wine Agriculture before Prohibition
May 23 – November 10, 2019

The Greatest Toy Circus on Earth
Circus, Carnival and Zoo Toys
Nov 29, 2019 – Jan 19, 2020

The Healdsburg Museum is located at 221 Matheson Street in Healdsburg.
They are open 11am to 4pm, Wednesday through Sunday.
For more information, contact the Healdsburg Museum at (707) 431-3325.

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