Horse N Around Trail Rides

So you want to ride a horse on the beach? Whether it’s on your bucket list or just something that sounds intriguing, it is possible with Horse N Around Trail Rides.

Horse N Around is located on legendary Hagemann Ranch  in Bodega Bay. Take an unforgettable ride through the beautiful dunes of Bodega Bay to the breathtaking Beach! This ride is not only fabulous because of the panoramic views of the amazing Sonoma Coast but also because you are helping save lives! Every penny goes to rescue horses that have been neglected, abused, abandoned or destined for slaughter. Most of the horses used for the trail rides are rescued horses that were given a second chance.

The Beach Trail gently strolls through the sand dunes with beautiful view of the ocean before dropping down onto the beach. You will walk along a long stretch of beach, capture some memories and continue through the dunes along the harbor. 90 minutes. This is truly an amazing ride!

The High Road Ridge Trail explores the beautiful coastal cattle ranch. We ride through the rolling hill cattle pastures to a panoramic vista that overlooks the quarry pond and the ocean! Get the coastal cowboy experience! This trail has a creek crossing and rides up and down hills. This ride requires the rider to steer the horse and participate. This ride is suitable for confident beginner; however, is not recommended for timid or fearful riders. 2 hours.

The Ol’ School House Trail takes you through the hills of the cattle ranch. This is a very scenic ride with expansive views of the coastal ranch. You will ride among the herd of Black Angus mother cows and calves. This trail is suitable for confident beginners and riders with some experience. Not recommended for timid or fearful riders, however it is a beautiful ride! 90 minutes.

The Dunes Trail is an easy going trail that offers incredible panoramic views of the Bodega Bay Harbor and Sonoma Coastline. 60 minutes.

The Trout Pond Trail is a gentle ride that strolls around the trout fishing pond and out to the ol’ homestead potato pasture. Although potatoes are no longer grown on the ranch, this trail is perfect for the tiny tots! 30 minutes.
The Trapping Trail is a great way to tour the Hagemann Ranch! This trail is fairly gentle and sweeps through the hills of this working cattle ranch. You will ride through eucalyptus tree groves, cattle pastures with views of the Estero Creek, the town of Bodega and the fishing pond! 60 minutes.

The Homestead Trail is a gentle ride, perfect for beginners! You will ride the horses through the cattle pastures and the original homestead on the ranch. This is a beautiful trail ride that the whole family will enjoy! 60 minutes.

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