Bicycle the Bohemian Highway

Looking for a scenic route to the coast or to the Russian River area? You won’t be sorry if you chose Bohemian Highway. This 10-mile roadway winds through towering redwoods, bucolic pastures, rocky ravines and three memorable townships. One of the first areas to be settled in Sonoma County, this stretch of backwoods is now a mecca for bicyclers, hikers, artists and other wanderers.

As you enter Bohemian Highway from the south, you find yourself immediately in Freestone. There are several reasons to stop here before you begin the drive, including a premium wine tasting room, a tasty bakery and a unique day spa.

As you proceed north on the Bohemian Highway, the next burg you encounter is charming Occidental. Begin by joining the locals for breakfast or lunch at Howard Station. Their juice bar is also a favorite for locals and travelers, many of whom begin their bicycle treks from Occidental. A favorite bicycle trip is This beautiful village boasts antique stores, unique gift shops and galleries.

Leaving Occidental, the highway winds through canopies of redwood, bay and acacia trees. Monte Rio joins the north end of the Bohemian Highway to the Russian River. This cozy little hamlet boasts its own live theater, movie theater, golf course, tennis courts and a very family-friendly beach, where you can rent a kayak, indulge yourself at a concession and relax on the sandy shores.