Discover Sonoma’s Historic Plaza

A legend tells that the names Sonoma and Valley of the Moon date back to an indigenous word for “many moons.” It is true that Native Americans inhabited the area 12,000 years before the Spanish, Mexicans and Americans arrived, but the name “Sonoma” actually may be derived from “noma,” a Mayahmah word for town.

The town center of Sonoma proper is known for its large square plaza lined with beautiful historic buildings. Check out some of the many trendy boutiques and shops that feature clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, kitchenware and unique gifts, and of course, wine tasting rooms. After smapling some of the finest wines in the country, enjoy a meal at one of the many delightful restaurants in town. A short walk to the last mission ever built in California can end your day in the perfectly-charming town of Sonoma.

For more information, contact the Sonoma Valley Visitor’s Bureau at (707) 996-1090.