Bicycle the Napa Valley Vine Trail and Help it Grow

photo courtesy Napa Valley Adventure Tours

A grass roots organization, the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is tasked with building one long, continuous trail for hiking and biking through Napa Valley. When completed, this 44-mile “linear park” will stretch from the Vallejo Ferry to Calistoga. This ambitious project is being completed in  segments. The trail will follow Highway 29 and the existing Wine Train tracks north of Napa.  South of Napa it will follow the Wine Train Tracks and the Napa River.  Tapping into federal and state funds, the coalition is also seeking private donations to help jump start the program.

The first completed segment is affectionately known as the “Yountville Mile.” Spanning 4,500 feet, from California Drive in the south to Madison Street in the north, the ride is highlighted with tree tunnels, shaded stretches and views of the valley’s scenic vineyards and hills. Signs let bikers know that they can ride up Solano Avenue from the south and continue on Highway 29, Yount Mill Road, or Yountville Cross Road to go north. It is estimated that the project will cost $1.3 million, with $300,000 coming from the town and $1 million from federal stimulus dollars. For more information about upcoming events and fundraisers, and to monitor the progress of the project, go to