# 3 Discover Covered Bridges

Nothing quite compares to the rustic charm of a covered bridge, and coming upon one of Oregon’s beautiful covered bridges is like walking into a bucolic watercolor painting. Beginning in the mid-1850s, close to 450 covered bridges were built in Oregon; today 51 of those remain, giving Oregon the most covered bridges west of the Mississippi River. Covered bridges can be found in abundance in Western Oregon, and in a variety of architectural structures, from converted railway cars to classic pioneer construction. Maps of covered bridge locations are often available from local chambers of commerce. ┬áCovered bridge books, calendars and postcards are typically available in local bookstores.

The Oregon Covered Bridge Festival is the only event of its kind on the West Coast. It gives residents and visitors alike a chance to enjoy these beautiful bridges and learn about their heritage.

For more information on the festival or to chat with a covered bridge historian, call 503-399-0436.