# 35 Visit The Wax Works

JohnnyDeppBatman has just made an appearance at Newport’s Wax Works following closely behind his arch enemies the Penguin and the Riddler.

Explore the history of the Northwest with Bigfoot and be careful not to fall off the hanging bridge. Where else can you see Hollywood legends and sci-fi creatures just by turning around?

Each figure is created with incredible attention to detail. Sculptures can take months to build and can cost tens of thousands of dollars!

Meet the crew of MASH and see Marilyn Monroe in her dressing room. Watch Darth Vader try to bring his son to the dark side, gangsters and even Frankenstein! Let the kids enjoy our new tech room with fun games and projects including blow tubes and a cool gear box to let their imaginations grow (parents love it too…shhh).

The Wax Works is located at 250 SW Bay Blvd in Newport’s Historic Bayfront area. Call (541) 265-2206 for more information.

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