# 17 Enjoy the Scenery on a Railrider

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Have you ever looked down a railroad track, where generally only trains go, and thought to yourself, “I sure would like to ride down there and see where it goes”? Now you can! In their fourth year of operation, RAILRIDER CYCLING OREGON COAST BRANCH gives you three opportunities to choose from. You can choose to legally pedal round trip from Bay City to Tillamook, from Wheeler east up the Nehalem River or from south from Wheeler along the bay. They were the first company in the nation to offer such an opportunity. They have three locations to choose from – Joseph, Oregon; Shelton, Washington and here on the coast of Oregon.

Kids from infants to 84 years of age have traveled the two-hour round-trip journey. Anyone who can reach the pedals is expected to pedal. Very few people return without a big smile on their face and a feeling of accomplishment.

On your excursion you will be guided by staff that will ensure road crossings are clear, though the final decision to cross will be yours. On one of the crossings you will even get to wave at parked cars as you cross while the crossing arms are down and the bells are ringing! Exciting! Your guides will answer any safety questions you may have as well as questions about the railroad or the area in general.

Guests have seen coyotes, elk and many shore birds. Great Blue Herons are a commonly sight. Since the Tillamook area is one of the premier dairy locations in Oregon, you will see cows. You’ll pass near two cheese factories, the Tillamook and Blue Heron. You will go by numerous estuaries that have more bird sightings than any other spot on the coast. Many try to count all the trestles but keep losing count. It is known that the longest trestle is over 300 feet long. You will cross the Nehalem, Kilchis and Wilson rivers. In short, the lush scenery and railriding adventure is incomparable.
To book this totally unique experience, visit online www.ocrailriders.com. While you are on the site, experience virtual railriding by video. After you have experienced pedaling your railrider, try one of the excellent eateries in the area or ride the Oregon Coast Scenic Railway in Garibaldi, situated between Railrider Cycling’s Bay City and Wheeler sites. An excellent experience on the Oregon Coast is guaranteed. For MORE railriding adventures, check out JBRAILRIDERS.COM in NE Oregon and VCRAILRIDERS.COM in NW Washington State. All of your railriding adventures are covered. See you soon!