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Hidden beneath the cultural and social surface of California is a story of natural abundance, human conflict, pain and suffering, and rebirth; it is the story of California Indians. The California Indian Museum tells this story, because it is a story that just may untie us from the bonds of racism and hatred, and may give the children of California and the world an opportunity to appreciate and respect each other. The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center tells the story of the California Indians. The immersive environment of the CIMCC’s exhibits makes each of the stories that unfold human and personal, connecting visitors in fundamental and transformative ways.

The Ishi Exhibit is a story of dignity, hope, and courage. In 1865, Ishi and his family were among the few Yahi who survived a massacre. After the other members in his family died, Ishi lived on alone. Ishi’s life of adaptation and resilience is told through audio, video, artifacts and replicas from Ishi’s time.
Ishi Story Chapter 1

Ishi Story Chapter 2

Ishi Story Chapter 3

Ishi Story Chapter 4

Ishi Story Chapter 5

Precious Cargo is an exhibit on California Indian Cradle Basket Traditions created by the Marin Museum of the American Indian. Precious Cargo examines interrelated issues of birth, family, identity, community, and health. Precious Cargo presents a holistic view of Native Traditions related to the design and use of cradle baskets. Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

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