Jul 112016
Up on King’s Ridge Trail;  photo ctsy Black Sheep Adventures

Up on King’s Ridge Trail;
photo courtesy Black Sheep Adventures

Ride the quieter regions of the California Wine Country and Pacific Coast by bicycle with Black Sheep Adventures Bicycling tours. Inspired vistas, intimate wineries, sun-kissed hills—this is California’s celebrated Wine Country cycling landscape. The routes are ideal for biking no matter how hard or easy you want to go. On this weekend trip, you will explore valleys of world-famous vineyards, forests of soaring redwoods, perfect pastoral landscapes and the captivating Pacific Coast.

There are literally dozens of Wine Country bike tours in California to choose from, so what makes this Sonoma County biking tour different? They avoid the more famous and heavily traveled portions of the Wine Country and choose to ride in the quieter and more intimate areas in Sonoma County. And while many Wine Country bike tours are long on wineries and short on cycling, their tours always emphasize the rides. Each day they even include a more challenging “long ride” option for up to 60 miles of cycling with some substantial climbing —enough riding to please any bicycling enthusiast.

The differences are clear from the very start. They stay beneath the redwoods in the tiny and quaint Russian River town of Monte Rio, located on the meandering Russian River, midway between the Sonoma County Wine Country and the California Coast. This location makes it an ideal base camp for both a Wine Country ride and a Pacific Coast ride. But tiny and quaint doesn’t mean spartan; you will stay and dine at the charming, historic and inviting Village Inn, on the banks of the Russian River.

This all inclusive tour is a bit pricey, at first glance. But factor in all the food, lodging, wine tasting and the sturdy but lightweight bicycles, and you may consider it a real bargain. They also offer a more extensive 6-day tour of Wine Country and the Sonoma Coast.

(866) 647-4337 • blacksheepadventures.com/napa-sonoma/

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