Jul 252012

Seacliff hugs the rugged Mendocino coast, three scenic hours north of San Francisco. It is in the town of Gualala by the Gualala River. The little town is just across the river from the world-renowned Sea Ranch. The Gualala River runs along the base of a bluff and on to the sea. During the winter rains, the mouth of the river opens, and the steelhead trout return home to spawn.

At Seacliff you will awaken to the sounds and smell of the ocean, with unparalleled views of the beach and surf. You can choose the peaceful pursuits of watching passing ships, fishing boats, and migrating whales.The California grey whales come to the sandbar to shed their barnacles, a once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience. California pelicans make kamikaze dives for their dinners. Dozens of sea lions doze in the sunrise. • seacliffmotel.com

BOX 1317 ~ Gualala, California 95445
800-400-5053 ~ 707-884-1213
FAX 707-884-1731
Email: information@seacliffmotel.com

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