Aug 082014

photo courtesy Calistoga’s Doc Wilkinson Spa

With Mother Nature supplying the ingredients, it’s no wonder Calistoga, California is the state’s mud bath capitol. About eight million years ago, nearby Mt. Konocti erupted, blanketing the area with rich, volcanic ash and leaving cracks in the earth’s crust that allowed geysers and hot springs to form, including one of only three regularly-erupting geysers in the world. The most proven reason to take a mud bath is that it’s relaxing. Being cocooned and buoyed up in the warm, soft mixture simply sucks the stress out. The temperature makes you perspire, which cleans the pores. Health benefits are not proven, but a mud bath is claimed to improve the complexion, relieve joint and muscle pain and remove toxins. The spas bring the ash in fresh every morning and mix it with boiling mineral water from a nearby spring, adding peat moss for texture and to help the body float. Boiling spring water is used to sterilize the mixture between clients. In Calistoga, the mud bath process is about the same no matter where you go. Here are a few of our favorites:

Dr. Wilkinson’s Hot Springs Resort has been providing mud bath treatments for 60 years! San Francisco chiropractor John “Doc” Wilkinson was interested in alternative health and relaxation from the days of his early childhood in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Try “The Works”, including mud bath, mineral bath, steam room, blanket wrap and massage. This is one of the best values in Napa. (707) 942-4102. •

Golden Haven: At Golden Haven, couples enjoy the tradition of Calistoga’s mud baths in private treatment rooms. Complete the treatment with  soothing massages and/or facial treatments. (707) 942-8000 •

Lavender Hill Spa: Offers spa treatments for couples, singles and friends in a private sanctuary. (707) 942-4495

Roman Hot Springs: The ultimate mind and  body experience for both couples and individuals. This spot is among the largest and most luxurious hot springs spas in the area. (800) 914-8957 •

Spa Solage: Artfully designed and ecologically conscious, Spa Solage offers relaxing and invigorating services, including new twists on the renowned Calistoga mud and mineral water therapies. Conde Nasta named Solage the #1 Spa in the Americas! (866)942-7442

Indian Springs: No peat moss here, just mud, hot and heavy. Go for “the works,” followed by a swim in a magnificent, 60-by-120-foot, geyser-heated swimming pool dating from 1913. Their new Adults Only pool offers the privacy you’ll appreciate. (707) 942-4913

Lincoln Avenue Spa: This spa has taken the Calistoga mud bath to a new level. They offer a body mud treatment for couples and individuals using specially designed Ayurvedic steam tables. This is the perfect alternative to a Calistoga mud bath for those visitors to the Napa Valley that want the detoxifying benefits of mud and heat without the traditional immersion mud bath. (707) 942-2950 •


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