Mar 202017
photo by Kevin McGrath

photo by Kevin McGrath

Spend a windy afternoon with your bare feet in the sand and your eyes fixed in the sky as you fly a kite on the beach. Watching the kite dip and soar as it is blown about by the wind will bring out the inner child in anyone.

These days, kites have progressed well beyond the simple single string-and-tail models. Fly all sorts of more challenging and high performance kites, such as stunt kites and traction kites that will do flips and loops and figure eights with only the tug of a string. For the “power kiter,” try kite ground boarding, buggying and free flying.

There are a full range of kites available, and the perfect place to start is at Candy and Kites in Bodega Bay. This colorful, coastal shop offers an out of this world selection of kites and accessories. As the name implies, however, Candy and Kites is not just for kites. They also sell a scrumptious variety of hand made chocolates, saltwater taffy, old-fashioned candies, flags, banners, spinners and a plethora of beach toys and books for the kids. Located at 1415 Coastal Hwy 1 in Bodega Bay. (707) 875-3777. •

With a great selection of kites, inflatables, wind-up toys, salt water taffy and old-fashioned candies and chocolates, there’s something for every member of your family at Second Wind Kites, Toys, Sweets and Fun. Their friendly staff will assist you in picking out the ideal kite and beach for the optimal kite flying experience. Be sure to check out their $5 daily specials. You’ll find them at 1805 N Highway 1, Bodega Bay (707) 875-9463. •