Aug 082014

In the historic and idyllic town of Calistoga—known for its mineral springs and the water that comes from the springs—is Old Faithful Geyser. One of three Old Faithful Geysers in the world, it faithfully erupts a blast of hot water that shoots up over 75 feet about every 30 minutes. Enjoy your own picnic under the sheltered picnic tables located adjacent to the Geyser.

This natural phenomenon rises upwards performing for an ever-astounded audience. Maps for self-guided tours of the famous geyser are available, as well as a petting zoo where visitors can see the famous Tennessee Fainting Goats, Jacob’s Four-Horn Sheep, and Guard Llamas. Be sure and check out the informative display on geyser eruptions and earthquake predictions at the exhibit hall.

New owners and management have recently added more bang for your bucks… a lush botanical garden for your strolling pleasure, expanded petting zoo for the kids and a wonderful, shaded picnic area. Even if you have seen it before, you will want to visit again and experience the new attractions. Open seven days a week, the geyser is located at 1299 Tubbs Lane in Calistoga. 707.942.6463.

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