Oct 102017
Take a Hike on the Coast

Sonoma Coast hiking options are diverse and plentiful, from sand dunes to peaks with trails offering vistas as far away as the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Sonoma Coast State […]

Oct 092017
Drive the Scenic Pacific Coast Highway

People from all over the world come to this area just to drive the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway (Coastal Highway 1). From the Golden Gate Bridge, take the Muir Beach […]

Oct 092017
Fly a Kite on the Beach

Spend a windy afternoon with your bare feet in the sand and your eyes fixed in the sky as you fly a kite on the beach. Watching the kite dip […]

Oct 092017
Wine Surf in Bodega Bay

Gourmet au Bay is Sonoma County’s only waterside wine bar, bottle shop and gift store. What is “Wine Surfing”? First choose 3 wines to sample from their daily menu, then […]

Oct 092017
Discover Coastal Parks & Ocean Beaches

Sonoma Coast State Park is one of the most popular parks in Northern California for good reason. There is plenty to do, including hiking, horseback riding, fishing, crabbing, beachcombing, surfing, […]

Oct 092017
Surf or Kayak the Sonoma Coast

Surfing the Sonoma Coast can be one of the most sublime experiences of your life. But finding the right place to surf can be a challenge, as they are scattered […]

Oct 092017
See the Whales

From late November through February you may see California gray whales, 40 – 60 feet long. They are migrating from the rich feeding fields of the Arctic region down the […]