Savor Some Sausages

In an age of automation and mechanization, there is Debbie D’s. Tucked away in Tillamook County, she creates sausage using much the same process used by her pioneer ancestors in the 1800′s. Using superb quality, lean, ground Oregon beef, flavored with hand-blended fresh herbs, and her grandfather’s,  grandfather’s,  and great uncle’s recipe’s she has made a very special sausage line. Low in fat and sodium, with a minimum of preservatives, this is a sausage for the health conscious diets of today. With the exception of Teriyaki Beef Stick, all products are made with no M.S.G. They are lightly smoked in small batches to preserve their unique fresh qualities. Select a variety of products from hot and spicy to a very today teriyaki. Try chubs and sticks, links, or their notorious “cow pies”. Jerky is delicious and not just beef.

Also try the salmon jerky. Salmon is their specialty. Smoked salmon with the Debbie D label is spectacular in both flavor and texture. Debbie D’s will happily fill your orders in their retail store, or by mail. They ship all over
the US, or just next door. See their ad on this page or stop in and meet Debbie.

You can also visit their website at, or call 503-842-2622.