Learn About Whole Circle Farms

Whole Circle Farms grows the finest industrial hemp in Oregon and transforms their hemp into therapeutic, soothing CBD products. The farm was born in 2014 and was one of the first 15 hemp farms in the state following legalization. The name Whole Circle Farms comes from the belief that everything is connected; air, water, nutrient-dense soil and the environment including insects are all part of the circle. They believe that farming organically is essential to being sustainable in today’s agricultural environment. After 3 years of farming using organic practices, they were finally able to certify their crop as Organic through Certified Kind.

Peter and Rochelle Koch returned to Oregon after farming 21 years in California and found the endless benefits of the magical hemp plant. This plant seemed too good to be true, so they jumped in head-first and planted their first crop in 2016. It was an easy decision to grow organically because it allowed them to farm in an environment where they can contribute to producing, protecting, and encouraging the perpetuity of their farm, and their community. The benefits of farming organically are endless. They often note that in the “olden days” all the food was produced organically. It was the norm of farming. Then as pesticides and herbicides became popular, so did oil base commercial fertilizer, and of lately GMO’s to our food system. This has allowed the organic industry to offer an alternative and became our way of life.

Their CBD products have been said to help with pain, inflammation, nausea, seizures, anxiety and sleep issues. The CBD products are all made from their Certified Organic hemp grown in Silverton, OR. They sell online, in many shops in Silverton, and at various Farmers Markets throughout the area. Visit their website to see where you can find their products.