Discover Kava at Lovakava

When you walk into LovaKava Kava Bar and Restaurant, the first utterance to spill from your lips is “wow”. The ambiance of this place is that of peace and tranquility. From the music, to the comfortable bar seating, to the art gallery, lighting, architectural design and warm greeting by the Kavatenders, you’ll immediately perceive that you’ve walked straight into the real Zen Den itself.
The next thing you’ll say is also “wow”, because you just sipped on what could possibly be the best gourmet smoothie or cold press juice that has ever placated your palate. Order cuisine from a fully vegan menu , it’s “OMG” when you taste the delectable entree served up on a wooden plate or fine china dinnerware. You wipe your mouth with cloth dining napkins as you notice the sound of “mmmmm” coming from deep, mindful appreciation. All this fine dining experience for less than $15 when other restaurants of this caliber start at $25.

LovaKava is not just a restaurant. It’s a Kombucha Bar, too, with 13 taps of premium locally sourced organic kombucha, as well as a tea bar and also serving French Pressed Dominican coffee.
They don’t stop there. As the name LovaKava implies, it’s a kava bar first and foremost. In fact, the American Kava Association certifies LovaKava’s Kava to be the world’s most premium Noble kava.
Kava is a root of a pepper shrub, known for its relaxation, muscle relief and socially uplifting psychogenic properties and it’s prepared as a tea out of a Tanoa (kava ceremonial bowl), served up in a bowl called a shell. Have fun yelling “Bula” right before chugging down a very smooth earthy tasting drink. Don’t go anywhere else to buy kava because LovaKava holds themselves accountable to be the gold standard of kava bars.

The icing on that vegan cupcake is the experience of not being viewed as a customer, so much as being welcomed as a friend. The Kavatenders spend time educating you on Kava, as well as make genuine efforts to get to know you as a person. They don’t try to turn tables and would rather spend time interacting with you, socially. This accounts for the fact that it’s also a late night venue, open until 10pm on weekdays and at least midnight on the Friday and Saturday night.
So if you’re in the neighborhood of Eugene, OR, drop by and give yourself that much needed break from the daily grind.
Bula Vinaka.