# 14 Catch It – Cook It – Eat It!

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May 112018

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Looking for the ultimate Oregon Coast experience – look no further than Kelly’s Brighton Marina. Fresh Dungeness Crabs, Chinook Salmon and a variety of bay clams await your arrival – rent a boat to catch your bounty, crab on the dock for the casual approach, or simply choose from their well-stocked live tanks – the end result is the same – dining on the freshest, MOST DELICIOUS SEAFOOD you have ever tasted!! The riverside deck with communal fire pit is the perfect hang out spot for the day. See river otters, harbor seals, blue herons and bald eagles in their natural environment. With 23 years of crabbing experience Kelly, along with his wonderful staff, will ensure that your fun filled day of family friendly entertainment will be a favorite vacation memory for years to come. Whether you come for the day or stay overnight in one of the water front RV and tent sites – Kelly’s Brighton Marina is a must stop destination for any trip to the fabulous Oregon Coast! Call (503) 368-5745 for more information – or visit their website to view the live camera. Come and spend your day on Nehalem Bay.

WHERE:  29200 Hwy 101 N – Rockaway Beach

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CALL: 503-368-5745


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# 15 Charter a Fishing Adventure

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May 102018

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Enjoy Oregon’s premier ocean fishing with Garibaldi Charters Deep Sea Fishing. Take a half day trip on one of their three charter vessels to fish for Rockfish, Lingcod, or Salmon. They even add free crabbing as a bonus on select trips when the ocean conditions are favorable! Looking for an extreme adventure? Try one of their 12 hour offshore Halibut or Tuna trips – it’s sure to leave a smile on your face. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced fisherman, Garibaldi Charters has something for everyone! Fishing not your thing? They offer Whale Watching and Eco-Tours of the beautiful Oregon Coast as well. Locally owned and family operated, Garibaldi Charters has been fishing the waters off the Oregon Coast for over 40 years. Their captains are experienced Coast Guard Certified skippers who live and work on the ocean every day. They have courteous, knowledgeable deckhands who are eager to please, and their boats are Coast Guard inspected and fully equipped with modern safety and fish-finding equipment. Garibaldi Charters can also accommodate large groups, making them a great choice for family reunions, work parties, bachelor parties and more. A fishing trip with Garibaldi Charters is an exciting adventure, and truly an unforgettable experience! The office is located in the heart of Garibaldi at the corner of 7th street and Highway 101 (about 15 min North of Tillamook). The fishing season in Garibaldi runs from March to October.

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You can find out what they are fishing for now, and book your adventure by calling 1-800-900-HOOK or by visiting www.garibaldicharters.com

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# 16 Take a Look at the Three Graces

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May 092018

Three graces-sm.WEBNear the shore in the channel leading from Garibaldi to the North Jetty and the Pacific Ocean is a picturesque rock formation known as the Three Graces. The rocks are a favorite of birds and photographers. At the base you will find tide pools and excellent beach combing. These rock formations are composed of sandstone and were likely formed between 20 and 30 million years ago. According to George R. Priest, a geologist with Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, at that time the entire area, including what is now the Coast Range, was an under-sea marine environment and part of the continental shelf, just as the ocean floor off the coast is today. Over time and under pressure, this sand consolidated into sandstone. Then, as the earth’s tectonic plates crashed into each other, they pushed up the coastal mountains and fractured and tilted up a ridge of sandstone along the coastline. Over time, the tides and surf wore away the softer portions of this sandstone, leaving behind the rocks we see today. To get to the beach near the formation, drive a little over a mile north from Garibaldi on Highway 101. The highway hugs the cliffs and there are no parking areas or wide shoulders making it difficult to park near the rocks themselves. It is best to drive past the formation and park near the intersection at Harborview Drive. Then walk back, crossing the railroad tracks to get to the beach.


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# 17 Watch the Birds in Tillamook County

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May 082018

Western_Sandpiper_2.Dominic Sherony.wikipedia.WEBphoto by Dominic Sherony, Wikipedia

Birding is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities in the country, and Tillamook is rich with sighting opportunities with more than 356 species recorded in the county checklist, making the area a bird watching paradise. The coastline areas are home to or visited by all manner of sea and shore birds and inland forests shelter migrating songbirds. Eagles are often seen, as are hawks. Among waterfowl, it’s common
to see American Wigeon, Northern Pintail, Surf Scoters and Buffleheads. Brown Pelicans use the Bay from May to December and peak in September. Western Sandpiper, Least Sandpiper, Black-bellied Plovers, Semi-palmated
Plovers, Whimbrels, Sanderlings, Dunlins and Short-billed Dowitchers are also seen. There are two rookeries around Tillamook Bay that host Great Blue Herons. One in Garibaldi is quite large (up to 50 nests). The herons are year-round residents. The Bay also provides an important habitat for many birds migrating on the Pacific flyway. Bird watching can be done from the shore or the water. For water viewing, you can get close to more remote areas in a kayak or a canoe. Either way, beginners are advised to bring a good pair of binoculars and a field guide to help identify what you see. The Oregon Coast Birding Trail lists 173 birding hot spots, and close to 20 of those are in Tillamook county, including the Barview Jetty Park, on the north end of Garibaldi, and the Garibaldi Boat Basin, just a short walk from the center of Garibaldi.


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# 18 Ride the Rails in Garibaldi

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May 072018

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The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit museum organization. It is a mostly volunteer based organization that operates over the former Southern Pacific and Port of Tillamook Bay Railroads. Regularly scheduled trains are operated daily between Garibaldi and Rockaway Beach in the summer months and special event trains throughout the year over the rest of the line. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad has grown from its humble beginnings dodging freight trains in Garibaldi on weekend runs to Rockaway Beach and Wheeler, the sole operator of 46 miles of the railroad between the Tillamook airport and a point 2 miles east of the railroad siding of Enright in the Oregon Coast Range with breathtaking views of the Nehalem and Salmonberry River canyons.

As a Museum Railroad, OCSR is currently making way to expand their Garibaldi Station. Intending to preserve such historical essence by constructing a replica of the Southern Pacific depot style No. 11. A matching office building with public restrooms and a fully functional water tower will accompany the depot. The existing engine house will undergo renovations such as adding energy efficient windows and lighting.

Purchasing tickets is easy when visiting the train schedule via their website. One can do so in advance and avoid making the trip only to fi nd out the train has been sold out! Of course you can still buy tickets onboard the train in the caboose that doubles as ticket office and gift shop. Gifts include shirts, hats, sweaters, toy trains, pins, and much more. While the freight trains are gone, the scenery is second to none.

Depots in Garibaldi, Rockaway Beach and Wheeler are small covered shelters next to the tracks built by the Port of Tillamook Bay.  They support a basic tourist operation known as the Oregon Coast Explorer prior to the founding of the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. The depots are decorated by each of the communities and offer public restrooms nearby. Each depot and community has plenty of activities to offer between train departures.

The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad has also saved the original Pacific Railway and Navigation Depot (later bought by the Southern Pacifi c) in Tillamook from demolition and moved it to the Blue Heron French Cheese Company in Tillamook, Oregon where it will once again serve rail passengers for departures out of Tillamook in the future.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad has an extensive equipment roster that includes numerous historic steam and diesel locomotives along with a growing fleet of passenger cars, freight cars, and maintenance of way equipment. All of the equipment and track is operated and maintained by the volunteers of the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer contact us at info@oregoncoastscenic.org.

Schedules, ticket sales, special excursion details and more can be found online.

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# 19 Visit the Garibaldi Maritime Museum

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May 062018

MaritimeMuseumWEBThe Garibaldi Museum is located between the base of Captain Robert Gray Mountain and the Tillamook Bay. The museum is chartered to preserve the maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest by collecting information concerning Captain Robert Gray and Captain Robert Gray’s historical vessels, the Lady Washington and the Columbia Rediviva. The museum displays the 18th century sailing world by telling the story of Captain Robert Gray and the trade with native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. Among the museum displays are models of the Columbia and Lady Washington, an eight foot tall reproduction of the Columbia’s figurehead, a half model of the Columbia showing how the ship was provisioned for the long voyage, as well as reproductions of the clothing of the seafarers and musical instruments. One wing features the history of the City of Garibaldi, displaying pictures and artifacts from the turn of the century. The museum is open April through October, Thursday to Monday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by appointment during the winter. Located at 112 Garibaldi Ave.

WHERE:  112 Garibaldi Ave – Garibaldi

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CALL: (503) 322-8411

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# 20 Take a Trip to the Past

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May 052018

The Tillamook County Pioneer Museum allows the public to reflect on the diverse people who have called Tillamook County home in the past. From the Tillamook Indians to Captain Gray’s 1788 voyage into Tillamook Bay, the living memorial of those who came before exists on this stretch of the North Oregon coast. All of this rich history is preserved for all to enjoy at the Tillamook Pioneer Museum. There are 35,000 items, plus 10,000 photographs included in this current collection, including prehistoric specimens to modern day. Tillamook County Pioneer Museum is located at 2106 Second St. and open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. Closed Mondays and major holidays.

WHERE:  2106 Second St – Tillamook

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CALL:  503-842-4553


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# 21 Enjoy the Scenery on a Railrider

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May 042018

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Have you ever looked down a railroad track and thought to yourself, “I sure would like to ride down there and see where it goes”? Now you can. In their third year of operation, Oregon Coast Railriders gives you an opportunity to legally pedal your railrider from Bay City to Tillamook and back. They are the first company in the nation to offer such an opportunity on an inactive rail.

Kids from infants to 84 years of age have traveled the two hour round trip journey. Anyone who can reach the pedals is expected to do their own pedaling. Very few people return without a big smile on their face and a feeling of accomplishment.

On your excursion you will be guided by the OCR staff that will help ensure road crossings are clear, though the final decision will be yours. On one of the crossings you will even get to wave at cars as you cross the gate with the crossing bells ringing! Your guides will also answer any safety questions you may have as well as questions about the railroad or the area in general.

People have seen coyotes, deer, elk, herons, and eagles. You will definitely see cows since the Tillamook area is one of the premier dairy locations in Oregon. We pass near two cheese factories, the Tillamook and Blue Heron. You will go by an estuary that has more bird sightings than any other spot on the coast. Many try to count the bridges and trestles, but keep losing count. It is known that the longest bridge is over 300 feet long and you will cross both the Kilchis and Wilson rivers. In short, the scenery is incomparable.

To book online this totally unique experience, go to Oregon Coast Railriders, ocrailriders.com. While you are on the site watch the video that Grant McCombie and crew made for Travel Oregon and Grants Getaways.  After you have experienced pedaling your railrider, try one of the excellent eateries in the area or ride the Oregon Coast Scenic Railway seven miles north in Garibaldi. They guarantee an excellent experience on the Oregon Coast. See you soon! Check out more railroading opportunities at JBRAILRIDERS.com and just new this year VCRAILRIDERS.com.

For Online Registration and Information, visit www.ocrailriders.com

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# 22 See History Housing History at the Tillamook Air Museum

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May 032018


With a unique experience of Hangar B, take off on an adventure through aviation history at the world-renowned Naval Air Station Tillamook known as Tillamook Air Museum. Housed in one of the nation’s last remaining World War II blimp hangars, and one of the largest wooden structures in the world, the Tillamook Air Museum is an unforgettable experience for both young and old alike.

Visitors will be astounded by the museum’s display of over 20 aircraft, such as the F-14 Tomcat, A-7 Corsair ll, Mig-17, Aero-Space lines Mini-Guppy and many more. Experience life as a jet pilot by climbing into the cockpit of the museum’s many aircraft trainers, and find out more about aviation history in the museum’s free theater. Explore what life was like in a British Air Raid Shelter from World War II. Take a walk through the Exhibit Hall, with rare wartime and aviation themed artifacts from WW l to the present. Kids will enjoy the new kids play station area. The museum is handicap accessible, visitors are welcome to drive or fly in (by private aircraft where you can land and park nearby), and there is ample parking for RVs.

WHERE:  6030 Hangar Road – Tillamook

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CALL:  503-842-1130


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