# 101 Take a Drive-Through Safari

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Feb 132017

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Ready for a REAL Safari Adventure? Wildlife Safari is a true adventure destination where you can drive-thru “Safari Style” and view over 550 animals roaming freely in a natural habitat, just as they do in the wild! This unique setting puts you up close and personal with animals large and small from Asia, Africa and the Americas – all without leaving your own vehicle! Need to get even MORE up close & personal? The Safari has many up-close animal encounter opportunities. Have your photo taken with a cheetah, give an elephant a bath, try a “hippo kiss” painting encounter, get up close to the whole lion pride or take in the sight of our mesmerizing Sumatran Tiger Sisters. Need an adventure break? You can ride a camel or catch the train, see an animal show in the Safari Dome, then stop and have lunch at the White Rhino Cafe’. Don’t miss the petting zoo as you stroll through the Safari Village where you’ll have a chance to see hundreds of small animals and reptiles. What’s NEW at Wildlife Safari? You won’t want to miss the Elephant “Splash” Waterhole exhibit featuring an “Indiana Jones” style underground tunnel, cave and waterfall. Once in the cave you will find yourself awed and amazed at the site of one of the five elephants basking under the waterfall or splashing in the waterhole. Care about conservation? Wildlife Safari has a long history of helping endangered animals in the wild. $1.00 from every encounter ticket sold at the park will be used to support conservation efforts both locally globally. In addition, Wildlife Safari is proud to be the most successful cheetah-breeding park in the Western Hemisphere, and number two on Earth! Wildlife selects breeding pairs that enhance the captive population genetically, which ensures the survival of the species, even if wild numbers dwindle.

Wildlife Safari, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization relying solely on ticket sales and donations from animal lovers and adventurists like you. Wildlife Safari is located only five minutes off I-5, Exit 119 in Winston. From the coast, take highway 42 towards Winston.

Wildlife Safari is located only five minutes off I-5, Exit 119 in Winston. From the coast, take highway 42 towards Winston.  For more information, call (541) 679-6761.

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