# 31 Take a Dive at the Undersea Gardens

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Apr 242018

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Visit the amazing Oregon Undersea Gardens and take a dive in the exclusive Undersea Theatre at the bottom of the sea. Descend into the magic submarine world of the Oregon coast – home of the largest collection of local marine life to be found anywhere. You’ll come face to face with the beauty, wonder, excitement and mystery of the underwater world. Beneath the surface, all manner of fish swim in their natural habitat. You’ll see the ghostly gardens of white and crimson anemones, where the ferocious looking wolf eel lurks and the largest species of octopus in the world glides the reef. The sea gives up its secrets in this unique underwater theatre. Continuous dive shows are filled with action, special effects and surprises. These tours are expertly narrated by knowledgeable tour guides and scuba divers equipped with underwater communications. You can get to know the underwater stars of this interesting and unique submarine drama. For more information, call (541) 265-2206.

WHERE:  250 Bay Blvd – Newport, Oregon

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# 32 Learn About Marine Life

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Apr 232018

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Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport provides a unique opportunity to have fun while learning about marine life, with many interactive exhibits. The center describes itself as “part aquarium and part laboratory.” An enormous Pacific octopus greets visitors at the entrance. The center’s goal is to showcase scientific discovery through exhibits that display four different viewpoints: global, birds-eye, eye-level and microscopic. Check out the Tidepool Touch Tanks. Roll up your sleeves and reach into tidepool tanks and gently stroke fish skates and sea stars. The center offers a variety of different opportunities for all levels of education, from young children to graduate students. Hatfield Marine Science Center is located at 2030 SE Marine Science Drive, Newport. For more information, call (541) 867-0226.


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# 33 Be Amazed by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

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Apr 222018

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Mariner Square offers a chance to enter the world of the strange and the wonderful at the world’s last great sideshow – Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Since Robert Ripley’s first cartoon strip in 1918, Ripley’s has been collecting oddities from around the world. Ripley’s has been featured in books, fairs and Ripley’s famous “Odditoriums”. Anyone with a taste for the odd, creepy or just plain weird should definitely check out Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. You can experience all the wonder of the world’s most bizarre sights right here in Newport. Their “Odditorium” displays fascinating exhibits of the unbelievable, paranormal and shocking spectacles, from the “live” stage shows to shrunken heads to the magic harp. Be careful not to step over the edge of the universe in the deep space hall of mirrors. Visit the Odditorium and see if you believe it, or not! Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is located at Mariner Square in Newport’s historic Bayfront district, at 250 SW Bay Blvd. For more information, call (541) 265-2206.

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# 34 Discover Whales & Sea Life

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Apr 212018

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One of the greatest adventures visitors can have in Newport is a trip aboard the 65-foot Discovery, the spacious tour boat operated by Marine Discovery Tours. Endorsed by the Oregon Coast Aquarium as a “Floating Adventure,” this award-winning family-owned business was started in 1992 by a West Coast fisherman, Captain Don Mathews, and his wife, Fran, a marine journalist and storyteller. They, and their fun team of naturalists, love sharing their “close to shore back yard” – Yaquina Bay and River, and the nearby Pacific, with its abundant Oregon sea life. Their team’s mission statement says it all: “Share hands-on activities and information that lead to connections with the aquatic world. Have fun. Repeat the process!” They annually welcome aboard visitors – from local families to international travelers, students on field trips, special events, and motor coach groups from across North America.

Expeditions look for gray whales, seals, sea lions, porpoise, and sea birds tucked amidst the spectacular Oregon coastline. Guests are entertained with coastal stories ranging from the early lighthouse keepers to modern day fishermen with satellite-driven navigation systems. Hands-on activities include cruising sparkling inland waters, while pulling up Dungeness crab pots filled with Oregon’s official “State Crustacean”. Volunteers help tow plankton nets to view the microscopic base of all ocean food chains … favorite local seafood courtesy of these mighty microscopic wonders! Guests love grabbing new shots for Facebook albums, and, navigation lessons are a favorite feature with the captain – all ages welcome!

Safety & Fun are #1: the route is determined daily by the captain if the ocean is calm and safe, the Discovery heads out of harbor. If the conditions are found rough at the ocean crossing, no worries – the captain will re-route the experience to calmly cruise through 4,000 acres of salt water bay and freshwater river systems. Both routes include a variety of sea life, sights and activities, with matching stories.

Berthed conveniently on Newport’s Bayfront, the Discovery is the largest passenger vessel on the coast. Loads of one-of-a-kind features include comfortable seating for all in a heated cabin, two levels of spacious outdoor decks, a video microscope connected to monitors displaying plankton catches, radar and GPS activity, with the latest in safety equipment. Refreshments include organic coffee, plus Rogue Ales and Oregon wines for purchase. Special group event cruises are available for brunches, dinner parties, family reunions, weddings, and the scattering of ashes at sea.

Make reservations for a unique must-do Newport experience that’s available from March through October with Marine Discovery Tours at (541) 265-6200.

WHERE: 345 SW Bay Blvd – Newport

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# 35 Visit The Wax Works

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Apr 202018

JohnnyDeppBatman has just made an appearance at Newport’s Wax Works following closely behind his arch enemies the Penguin and the Riddler.

Explore the history of the Northwest with Bigfoot and be careful not to fall off the hanging bridge. Where else can you see Hollywood legends and sci-fi creatures just by turning around?

Each figure is created with incredible attention to detail. Sculptures can take months to build and can cost tens of thousands of dollars!

Meet the crew of MASH and see Marilyn Monroe in her dressing room. Watch Darth Vader try to bring his son to the dark side, gangsters and even Frankenstein! Let the kids enjoy our new tech room with fun games and projects including blow tubes and a cool gear box to let their imaginations grow (parents love it too…shhh).

The Wax Works is located at 250 SW Bay Blvd in Newport’s Historic Bayfront area. Call (541) 265-2206 for more information.

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# 36 Experience the Oregon Coast Aquarium

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Apr 192018


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No visit to Newport is complete without a stop at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, overlooking scenic Yaquina Bay just south of the city’s iconic bridge. The Aquarium strives to be a center of excellence for ocean literacy and fun, and it plays an active role in conservation, education and animal rehabilitation efforts. The Aquarium’s world-class indoor and outdoor exhibits have earned the facility consistent recognition as one of the top ten aquariums in the country. This year, the Oregon Coast Aquarium celebrated its 25th Anniversary as one of Oregon’s premier attractions.

The Aquarium kicked off its 25th year with the debut of the exhibit, “Big Bites”, which showcases creatures with incredible feeding adaptions. Visitors are introduced to the dazzling variety of fishes’ jaws and teeth, featuring piranha, barracuda, parrotfish, sheepshead and other toothsome species. A wander through 1.32-million gallons of seawater in Passages of the Deep immerses visitors into the world of local marine life – including over 100 sharks. The series of tunnels feature 360 degree views of three different kinds of landscapes an underwater explorer might find off the Oregon Coast.

For fans of fuzz, the Aquarium’s sea otters’ and their playful antics provide endless entertainment. Keep an eye out for pups Nuka and Oswald, the most recent additions to this all-male raft of rescued otters from California and Alaska coasts. Guests can view their training progress during three daily public feedings.

Meet the Aquarium’s seals and sea lions through the submerged and above water viewing windows that let visitors peer into their world. Daily feeding presentations are a favorite of guests who delight in viewing the California sea lions’ athleticism at work. Particularly fun to watch are the Aquarium’s youngest sea lions, Catalina and Rosa, who were both rescued in California. For an unforgettable behind the scenes experience, book a whiskery kiss delivered by one of the Aquarium’s seals or sea lions!

The Aquarium boasts the largest walk-through outdoor seabird aviary in the United States. Tufted and horned puffins, common murres, rhinoceros auklets, pigeon guillemots and black oystercatchers all call the craggy cliffs and clear water home. Daily feedings at 2:30 p.m. delight visitors of all ages as each bird larks about to eat the fishes of their choice. You can also catch our talented rescue brown pelican, JoJo, during daily presentations at 11:30 a.m.

Two turkey vultures and an opossum also call the Aquarium home. Guests are often surprised by the size of the brother and sister pair, Ichabod and Olive, who busy themselves with toys and other enrichment items. Flower, our Virginia opossum, was a recent and welcome addition to the Aquarium family after a car accident left her with one eye. Flower will occasionally meet visitors in the lobby while nibbling on a snack of fruits and veggies.

A nearby underwater cave is inhabited by a Giant Pacific Octopus. Viewers sometimes need to stretch their powers of observation to spot the creature, which can camouflage with its environment and squeeze its soft body into dark crags. Researchers now believe that octopuses are as smart as house cats, capable of navigating mazes, using simple tools and recognizing individuals. Guests may schedule an octopus encounter to feed and shake suckers with one of these intelligent, seemingly alien animals.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium opened its doors in 1992 to inspire the public to better understand, cherish and conserve marine and coastal ecosystems. Built on an abandoned industrial site, the Aquarium did a lot of work to transform the grounds into an expansive naturescape for guests to explore. The north end of the property is dedicated to a nature trail that skirts an estuary – a unique feature for an aquarium. This wild exhibit features over one hundred native plant species, many of them labeled to continue the Aquarium’s education program for guests.

The Aquarium is open daily in the summertime (beginning May 28), 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. To check for discounts, purchase tickets and learn more, visit www.aquarium.org. Oregon Coast Aquarium is located at 2820 SE Ferry Slip Road, Newport. For more information, call (541) 867-3474.


To check for discounts, purchase tickets and learn more, visit www.aquarium.org.

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Oregon Coast Aquarium is located at 2820 SE Ferry Slip Road, Newport. For more information, call (541) 867-3474.


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