# 85 Let Your Imagination Take Flight

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Mar 012018

While in the McMinnville area, be sure to visit the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, which proudly displays a large number of military and civilian aircraft and spacecraft, including the famous Hughes H-4 Hercules “Spruce Goose.” The museum first began with a small collection of vintage aircraft on display in a hangar located at the headquarters and was called the Evergreen Museum. There are now two main large exhibit centers open to the public, consisting of aviation, where the Spruce Goose acts to anchor the other exhibits, and space flight, in another new large building. The current center of the space flight exhibit building is occupied by the SR-71 ‘Blackbird,’ which originally rested under one wing of the Spruce Goose. An IMAX theater opened in 2007, and a second exhibit hall focusing on the Titan II ICBM and space technology opened in 2008. Flight simulators for landing the space shuttle, as well as for Gemini capsule docking and the Lunar Excursion Module moon landing, are available for use by visitors now.

500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way (Off Hwy 18) – McMinnville

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# 86 Jet Down a Waterslide!

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Feb 282018

Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark is an educational waterpark that includes ten waterslides, a wave pool and a children’s museum dedicated to teaching students about the power of water. Consisting of classic Evergreen Museum building design, the space features nearly 70,000 square feet of educational fun, topped by a massive Evergreen International Aviation B747-100 aircraft on the top of the building. Throughout the structure, Waterpark visitors will learn about the power of water and its effects on society through dozens of interactive exhibits and learning tools. Both the Museum and the Waterpark aim to serve an important community education role and further distinguish McMinnville as a premier location for teaching students of all ages about the wonder of science.

WHERE:  500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way (Off Hwy 18)  McMinnville, Oregon 

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CALL:  503-434-4185



# 87 Up, Up & Away! Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Feb 272018

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Imagine floating over Yamhill County’s beautiful wine country in one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime. Between April 1 and October 1, you can see Oregon from a wonderful and unique perspective! Your adventure will begin one-half hour before dawn at Sportsman Airpark in Newberg, Oregon. You’ll have the opportunity to be involved in the inflation process of the balloons or just relax and watch as the huge lengths of rainbow colored nylon are unrolled. Watch as the crew holds the balloon tight while industrial sized fans breathe life into the fabric. Finally the propane jets are ignited and the balloons rise ten stories into the morning sky. Then you’ll take to the sky to enjoy the view as you fly over the beautiful countryside. Conclude your adventure with the balloonist’s traditional full catered breakfast and complimentary flight souvenir.

For more information, or to book your adventure, contact Vista Balloon Adventures at 503-625-7385 or 800-622-3309.

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