# 93 Discover Art from Around the Globe

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Feb 212017

Visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene for cultural exhibitions and collections of historic and contemporary art from around the world in a variety of media. The museum recently underwent a major renovation and expansion project and the facility has nearly doubled in size. Visitors can visit galleries featuring American, European, Korean, Chinese and Japanese art, and can take a break in the Campbell Memorial Courtyard. Private and public tours of the permanent and traveling exhibits are available. Have lunch at the Marche Museum Café and drop in the gift shop to take home a souvenir. The museum is located on the western side of the University of Oregon’s campus next to the Knight Library. For more information, call (541) 346-3027.

WHERE: 1430 Johnson Lane – Eugene

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# 94 Drift the McKenzie River

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Feb 202017

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The famous McKenzie River is truly one of the most beautiful and easy-to-enjoy rivers in the world. This partially spring-fed river originates high in the volcanic Cascade Mountain Range at Collier Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in North America, and is located on the western slope of the Middle Sister, in the remote Three Sisters Wilderness. The McKenzie begins its decent, rumbling and tumbling its way westward through the lush green foothills of the Cascade Mountains and picturesque Willamette National Forest. Cutting its way through heavily-forested canyons, the river slows briefly as if to enjoy the beauty it helped to create at Clear lake. The crystal clear, blue McKenzie continues its journey westward, cascading through pure stands of Douglas fir and western red cedar, mixed in with white alder and big leaf maple along the banks. This is where the “Wild & Scenic” section begins, near Olallie Campground. This section is ideal for fly fishing and can be accessed at many points along the McKenzie River Highway (SR-126). Fly fishing from a McKenzie style drift boat allows the angler to enjoy the beautiful surrounds of the river whilst casting a fly to hungry trout. Wild osprey fly overhead looking for fish as you float past charming cottages, nestled in a lush forest setting with colorful wildflowers in full bloom. A number of local rafting outfitters are available to make your trip along the McKenzie both safe and fun.

For more information, call The Caddis Fly Angling Shop at (541) 342-7005.

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# 95 Plan to Take a Dive & See Exotic Aquatic Life

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Feb 192017

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What better way to see the wonderful Oregon coast than to dive below the welcoming Pacific Ocean to see all the unique and curious aquatic life that the Oregon coast offers than to go scuba diving with Eugene Skin Divers Supply? Since the 1956, they have been the best way to experience Oregon diving. When planning a dive trip let Eugene Skin Divers Supply help you with the dive plan, gear and all your other needs. If you are looking for even a greater sense of excitement let the professionally trained dive guides assist you in an unforgettable underwater adventure. Dive the Oregon Coast Aquarium with hundreds of sharks, fish & more while diving in the exhibits.

CALL:  541-342-2351

WHERE: 1090 West 6th Ave – Eugene

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# 96 Stroll Through Hendricks Park

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Feb 182017

In the heart of bustling Eugene sits the beauty of the country at Hendricks Park. This 78-acre park has several different sections, including a world-renowned rhododendron garden. Over 5,000 rhododendrons can be found blooming during their peak months of April and May. There is also a mature forest with trails winding through, leading past white oaks and Douglas fir that are more than 200 years old. There is a native plant garden offering a chance to see the beauty of the distant Southern Willamette Valley. Picnic tables are scattered throughout the park. A free guided tour of the premises can be reserved in advance. Hendricks Park is located on Summit Avenue off Fairmont Blvd. in Eugene. For more information, call (541) 682-4800.


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# 97 Shop for Local Handcrafted Goods

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Feb 172017

Each Saturday, April through mid-November, Lane County’s favorite artisans, chefs and musicians bring their creations to Saturday Market, Eugene’s weekly open-air marketplace, creating a vibrant event that nurtures local commerce and community. Founded in May of 1970, Eugene’s Saturday Market is Oregon’s original Saturday Market, and the oldest weekly open-air crafts festival in the United States. Wander among the nearly 200 booths filled with fine handcrafts, sold by the artisans themselves. Jewelers, potters, seamstresses, candle makers, glass workers and many more bring their arts to sell. The International Food Court features 18 food booths serving a wide array of meals prepared fresh on site, including burritos, pad thai, pizza and cheesecake. The Market Stage showcases local and regional musicians playing everything from original folk to jazz, Celtic music to rock-and-roll all day long. The Lane County Farmers Market is just across the street each Saturday. Two nearby parking structures provide plenty of free parking, and the area is fully wheelchair accessible. The Market is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. April through mid-November, on the Park Blocks at the corner of 8th and Oak in downtown Eugene. For more information, call (541) 686-8885.

WHERE: 126 East 8th – Eugene

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# 98 Spend the Day at Fifth Street Public Market

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Feb 162017

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Fifth Street Public Market has been identified by Travel Lane County as a premier tourist attraction in Eugene. Unique, lively, diverse, entertaining, special, vibrant, memorable are terms used by the community to describe the essence of the Market and its business.

Situated in the heart of downtown Eugene, the Fifth Street Public Market is the area’s premier shopping destination. This locally owned property is the cornerstone of the 5th Avenue Historic Market District, an area that boasts interesting and unique shops, fine restaurants and a boutique hotel making it the hub of Eugene’s retail shopping area in the downtown core.

You will enjoy a colorful collection of unique and enchanting stores and locally owned restaurants and cafés that offer everything from boutique fashion, jewelry and décor to specialty products, beauty treatments, and delicious food and drink.
Flower baskets and landscape abound, providing a feel of paradise!

Known as the place to go for great food and coffee, the Market is home to a multitude of international food cafes and restaurants. Tempting scents of exotic food are everywhere. Patio style tables and chairs invite friends and family to sit down and relax in the courtyard or on one of the many balconies overlooking the iconic brick fountain and rooster mascot.

The Fifth Street Public is more than a shopping trip. It is the real flavor and fun of Eugene. Locals come to eat and shop daily and bring their visitors to see a cross section of what Eugene is all about.

CALL: 541-484-0383

WHERE: 296 East 5th Street – Eugene

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# 99 Get Nose to Beak with Some Amazing Predators

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Feb 152017

lanker lorax lean smallNestled on a wooded hillside in southeast Eugene, the Cascade Raptor Center has one of the most extensive displays of native birds of prey in the Northwest. Take a walk on the wild side and view nearly 50 birds, from pygmy owls to eagles, all housed in spacious outdoor aviaries. The Cascade Raptor Center is a non-profit nature center and wildlife hospital specializing in birds of prey. Visitors can learn about the rich natural heritage of the Pacific Northwest. Self-guided tours of the nature center allow visitors to see up-close both the common and hard to find raptors of Oregon. Educational displays guide visitors throughout the center, including details on each species on display. Open Tuesday – Sunday year round. Call (541) 485-1320 for more information.

WHERE: 32275 Fox Hollow Rd – Eugene

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CALL: 541-485-1320


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# 100 Visit a Museum of Natural & Cultural History

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Feb 142017

Find out what the world was like thousands of years ago at the Natural and Cultural History Museum at the University of Oregon in Eugene. The museum holds one of Oregon’s most significant collections of Native American cultural and archaeological artifacts, spanning 15,000 years. Exhibits include a display of Oregon’s geological past with an interactive hands-on laboratory. There is also a fascinating exhibit dedicated to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The displays are not all about Oregon—there are artifacts from Africa, Asia, Europe and many other places. Altogether, these collections comprise more than half a million objects. The Natural and Cultural History Museum is located at 1680 E 15th Ave; for information and directions, call (541) 346-3024.


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