# 8 Enjoy the View from the Astoria Column

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May 172018


A popular point of interest is the Astoria Column. The tower, built atop Coxcomb Hill, stands 125 feet high, 600 feet above sea level. There is an inner circular staircase allowing visitors to climb the 164 steps to see a panoramic view of the town, the surrounding lands, Young’s Bay and the Columbia River as it flows into the Pacific. The Astor family built the column in 1926 to commemorate the region’s early history. Take a look at the hand-painted spiral frieze encircling the column which commemorate the migration to the west and settlement of the area. If the frieze were to be unwound, it would stretch more than 500 feet. The Astoria Column is one
of a series of 12 historical markers which were erected between St.Paul, Minnesota and Astoria.

WHERE: 2199 Coxcomb Drive – Astoria

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# 9 Discover Fort Clatsop National Memorial

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May 162018

Lewis_and_Clark_National_Historical_Park_(Fort_Clatsop_FOCL1525.WEBThe site is protected as part of the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks, and is also known as Fort Clatsop National Memorial. The original Fort Clatsop decayed in the wet climate of the region but was reconstructed in 1955 from sketches in the journals of William Clark and lasted for fifty years. The replica was severely damaged by fire in early October 2005. A new replica, more rustic, was built by about 700 volunteers in
2006. The site is currently operated by the National Park Service. The park also features an interpretive center and an exhibit hall. During the summer months, there are park rangers stationed in the fort and at the trailheads who are costumed in period clothing and buckskin.

WHERE:  92343 Fort Clatsop Road – Astoria

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CALL:  503-861-2471

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# 10 Visit the Columbia River Maritime Museum

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May 152018

Columbia River Maritime Museum in 2012photo by Steve Morgan, wikipedia (click above to visit Facebook page)

The Columbia River Maritime Museum provides a passage back in time for guests of all ages by combining history with cutting-edge technology. The Columbia River Maritime Museum was founded in 1962 by Rolf Klep, a native Astorian. Klep, a longtime collector of maritime artifacts, along with a group of his colleagues envisioned a museum of national distinction which would preserve the rich maritime heritage of the entire Columbia River region. The Columbia River Maritime Museum has a reputation for the quality of its exhibits and the scope of its collections, making it one of the finest maritime museums in the nation. The Museum has been designated the official state maritime museum of Oregon. In 2002, the Museum celebrated its 40th anniversary with the completion of its expanded exhibit space.

The Museum houses interactive exhibits that combine history with cutting-edge technology and numerous Museum acquisitions. Visitors of all ages will find the opportunity to experience what it would be like to pilot a tugboat or to participate in a Coast Guard rescue on the Columbia River Bar. Visitors may also find out what it’s like to live in Astoria during the height of salmon fishing. The Columbia River can be seen from the huge windows on the north wall, serving as a majestic backdrop
for the exhibits. Six galleries, the Great Hall, and the Lightship Columbia interpret the Pacific Northwest’s rich maritime history.

WHERE: 1792 Marine Drive – Astoria

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CALL: 503-325-2323


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