# 72 Enjoy Golden & Silver Falls State Natural Area


Regardless of size, waterfalls are wonderful attractions. Golden Falls and Silver Falls are no exception. Located northeast of Coos Bay, these two hidden wonders cascade 100 feet into crystal clear pools. The water crashes down onto moss covered rocks and numerous kinds of wildlife roam around in the heart of nature. There is a path that allows hikers to reach the top of Golden Falls for a view of the forest. Fishing is allowed. Have a picnic in the shade of maple, alder and Oregon myrtle trees. Then take a hike through scenic canyons filled with old-growth myrtle and Douglas fir until reaching the falls. The Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area may be difficult to find, but it is well worth the 24-mile journey northeast of Coos Bay. To get to the park, follow Hwy 241 east from Coos Bay, through Allegheny to the park. For more information, call (800) 551-6949.