# 74 Check Out the Oregon Coast Historical Railway

The Oregon Coast Historical Railway in Coos Bay, Oregon is working to preserve an important part of the region’s history by providing a place to restore and display vintage railroad and logging equipment. Their signature piece is the 1922 Baldwin steam locomotive No. 104, which served in the region’s logging industry until the 1950s. 

A 1949 Alco S-2 diesel switcher engine, a former Southern Pacific caboose No. 1134, a 1946-era wooden caboose, a former Burlington Northern caboose No. 11269, and “Old Yellow,” engine No. 099, a 16-ton “car mover” or yard engine built in 1928 by Plymouth Locomotive are also onsite for viewing.

Other equipment and large artifacts have been donated to the group, along with hundreds of photographs, newspaper articles and other material known in “train fan” lingo as railroadiana. Even two conductors’ uniforms!

These interesting and historical pieces can be viewed at the display area and museum at 766 S. First St., (US 101 northbound) in Coos Bay.