# 39 Meet the Pack at White Wolf Sanctuary

Discover wildlife at the White Wolf Sanctuary, where rare arctic wolves roam in 50 acres of enclosures. Observe these beautiful snow-white animals as they interact, and learn more about the history, ecology and preservation of these intelligent pack hunters. Join in a joyous howling chorus with the wolves, and learn how you can raise your voice in support of wolves in the wild. The sanctuary’s mission is rescuing and caring for arctic wolves which have been abused or abandoned. These animals were born in captivity and cannot be released into the wild. Visitors will hear the wolves’ individual stories, and learn more about the perils and mistreatment that can result from humans keeping wild animals as pets. The sanctuary also seeks to educate the public about the place of wolves in the ecosystem, and to work toward long-term recovery of wolves in the wild.

The sanctuary is located in Tidewater, about 10 miles east of Waldport and inside the beautiful Siuslaw National Forest. Call for an appointment to tour the sanctuary and meet the resident wolves, or inquire about volunteer opportunities, educational presentations and seminars: (541) 528-3588.