# 25 Find Fossils, Minerals & Meteorites

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Prehistoric provides a unique shopping and learning experience with an opportunity to explore the world’s finest fossils, minerals, and meteorites. It is filled with amazing museum quality pieces to hang in your home or business. Every unique piece at Prehistoric has an amazing tale to tell.

There’s an extensive collection of educational toys for all ages, including an array of excavation kits and other fun activities to enrich your child’s learning. Prehistoric 101 Kids Corner is a fun interactive space for kids of all ages. Be sure to check out the “break your own geode” machine, which will make lasting memories for generations to come.  The fluorescent mineral room will wow you with spectacular colors.  Prehistoric is proud to announce the arrival of our new hands on sluicing experience.  Kids of all ages will enjoy panning for treasures.  There is something for everyone at Prehistoric. Feel free to touch and experience the fossils, minerals, and meteorites!

Group tours and lectures for all ages are provided free of charge. Learn which fossils are found within each geological era. Enjoy the many real dinosaur fossils and be entertained by our audio animatronic baby Trex. There is a treasure trove of knowledge to be had within. Whether you want a quick general overview or a more in-depth experience, it is all here.

For more information, call (541) 614-1294.

WHERE: 1425 NW Highway 101 – Lincoln City

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